“We are a small growing company managing just 50 Parcel shipments a day right now. By using SHIPSCS Parcel Marketplace, we reduced our client’s costs’ while the cloud automation ensured the both the low cost carrier and service were always selected to meet the delivery request.”


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“As a small on line shop we needed help, and STAAR was there to support our mission. Their rate marketplace allowed us to be profitable – and survive the pandemic. Thank you STAAR!”

Ryan G
Director of Operations

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3 PL

“…SCS Marketplace allowed each of our 3rd party warehouse locations to access the same site, and all of our data was centrally managed through delivery by SCS Operations – they even filed claims on our client’s behalf…”

Sr. Director of Logistics

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“…With SCS Marketplace rates, and always accessible Operations Management – we have been able to manage our growth without the need for additional EE or overhead costs…”


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