March 12, 2024

Werner moves into the future with innovative vision, commitment to customers


For more than 68 years, Werner has made a name for itself as one of the most innovative transportation companies in the industry. Today, Werner and its leaders are focused on the future by investing in the solutions, innovations and processes needed to drive success. Ultimately, Werner selects customers with similar values and a winning mindset.

What a Winning Client Looks Like for Werner 

The team at Werner boasts an uncompromising desire to solve multifaceted problems and move cargo from point A to point B with exceptional service at the forefront. This often leads to working with mid- to large, well-known shippers creating custom solutions and roadmaps to tackle their transportation needs. However, Werner’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Craig Callahan, made it clear talent and trajectory are equally vital when selecting customers.

“The most important thing for us is, it is a winning client. It is somebody having success, growing share and has aspirations of continuing to grow market share within their vertical,” Callahan said. “Those are the types of companies we want to grow with because we’re a growing organization as well.”

Werner’s appreciation of complexities makes the company a natural fit for multinational clients and organizations working to diversify their product offerings and geographical footprints.

“We want to solve difficult, complex problems for our customers,” Callahan said. “Our extensive network and cutting-edge technology help us navigate intricate supply chain challenges, which enables us to offer the best return on investment for shippers.”

How Werner Creates Tailored Solutions for Customers

As Werner nears 70 years in business, its leaders work hard to honor the organization’s history while ensuring it remains a cutting-edge transportation provider well into the future. That mission has led the company to invest heavily in keeping one of the newest fleets in the industry, investing in new technologies and expanding its geographical reach. 

Callahan said, “Along our journey, Werner has continued to evolve in response to the ever-changing transportation landscape and become more complex. As we sit here today, we boast a network that can support freight with various temperature-controlled requirements, includes multiple modes and can be delivered to all three countries in North America.” 

Recently, the company has seen an increase in clients looking to expand their nearshoring or friendshoring activities.

A myriad of cost and service improvements are associated with moving manufacturing facilities closer to the end consumer. These movements, however, also offer gains in another growing area of concern: sustainability.

Werner’s Role in Driving a Sustainable Future

Protecting the environment is top of mind for both consumers and government officials, making it a key concern for shippers. That, in turn, makes sustainability an important consideration for transportation providers like Werner.

“The transportation and logistics sector accounts for 29% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions,” Callahan said. “We need to be able to operate in the most environmentally friendly way possible to drive decarbonization and help our customers make progress toward their carbon reduction goals.”

Werner collaborates with its customers to create a greener transportation industry in several ways. Industry leaders know the adage, “Only what gets measured gets managed.” Werner has invested heavily in technology allowing it to capture, score and share its emissions data to measure its environmental impact.

Additionally, Callahan noted the company makes significant investments each year to ensure its fleet is as updated as possible. With the best equipment, Werner is more fuel-efficient and productive, lowering carbon emissions.

The Werner Difference

Werner delivers beyond expectations, helping shippers navigate the challenges and opportunities of today’s market, making it an ideal transportation provider for those looking to be on the front lines of the future of transportation.
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